Jaspi Cast Iron and Gasifying Wood Boilers

Our long tradition to heat with wood shows in our range wood boilers. Efficient and built to last for decades.
Choice of a traditional cast iron boiler or new ceramic gasification models.


JASPI YPV 40 & Econature Wood Boilers


Jaspi has been manufacturing wood boilers for over 50 years. Wood boilers were the first type of boilers to be used with central heating throughout the Scandinavia. Our wood boilers have an exceptionally long track record for boiler service life, reliability and performance. New technologies, like ceramic furnaces and gasification have taken the efficiency to new levels with ever reducing emissions.


YPV40 boiler with a traditional, cast iron wood furnace

This boiler is recommended for customers who would like to burn more variable types of wood and for example garden waste. The cast iron burning grate can handle higher moisture level material than the new gasification models and is very popular in farms and locations where a part of the wood is for example building waste.

Econature gasification wood boiler with high efficiency, ceramic wood furnace

Econature 40 has a ceramic burning grate. This allows the wood to burn in higher temperature which in turn produces flammable gas which is burned in the second, gasification chamber.
This process produces higher amount of heat, reduced amount of ash and less exhaust particles compared to traditional wood boilers. To achieve this, the wood used must be of a good quality with a moisture level of less than 20%.

Everyday use

Jaspi wood boilers are reliable and simple to use. All our boilers are fitted with thermostatic draft regulation and once set-up, works automatically without user intervention. Econature gasifying wood boiler has a fan which starts and stops according to the boiler temperature, always running the boiler at the optimum temperature. Whether you burn wood, large wood pellets or heat logs, the best results are achieved when the fuel is dry.


Jaspi wood boilers can run on logs, large briquettes, blazer logs or compressed fuel logs.

We do not recommend newly cut, unseasoned wood to be used with our boilers, and most definitely not wood that has been treated with Creosote or tar like for example railway sleepers and electricity poles.

If your wood fuel is of highly variable quality and moisture level, we recommend the YPV40 traditional cast iron wood boiler over the ceramic boilers. This is often a better option for farm and light industrial use. 
For more consistent quality fuel, the ceramic Econature 40 will produce exceptional results.

Wood boilers need a flue which must be rated to class 1 for solid fuel. Balanced flues will not work as the boilers need a good draft. Minimum recommended flue height is 4 metres but this can vary according to the place of installation.

All our wood boilers must be connected to a thermal storage tank. Domestic hot water and heating for radiators / underfloor heating are taken from this thermal tank.

The thermal store is also used if the heating system is expanded to other heat sources like solar and heat pumps or a back-up oil / gas boilers.

Heating Controllers

Between the wood boiler and the thermal tank you need a Heat Loading unit. It incorporates a circulation pump, thermostatic valve, by-pass valve and a non-return valve.

This loading unit is controlled by the boiler (Econature) or a separate flue gas thermostat (YPV 40).

More information on our heating controllers page.

JASPI Wood Boilers Comparison table

Product YPV 40 Econature
Power 40kW 40kw
Ceramic no yes
270 450
Water Capacity 80 L 120 L
length cm
50 50
Thermal Store 1500 -
3000 L
1800 -
3000 L
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YPV 40
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Econature 40
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All of our large products like the thermal stores and boilers are delivered directly from the factory to the customers.
Most of them will also need a forklift or similar for unloading.
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