Jaspi Ultrastore 500

Everything you can expect from the latest in Thermal Store design
Ultrastore has the best in class thermal properties combined with multiple couplings, 3 coils and narrow footprint design.


Jaspi Ultrastore 500 - A clear class leader


Jaspi Ultrastore series have been designed from the start to offer best possible thermal efficiency with a narrow footprint.
Then we added the maximum amount of coils and couplings for multiple energy sources.
To finish off, the tank was fitted with an internal baffle and all the couplings got the new "Leak Detect" sleeves.
The result is the best on the market thermal store with exceptional performance and flexibilty.

Our modern production facilities and highly automated manufacturing process guarantees consistent quality and  lower cost to the end user.

Ultrastore Insulation

Accumulator thermal efficiency is highly dependant on its insulation.
The type of the insulation, its coverage and very importantly how it 'binds' to the surface of the tank are the key points.
The insulation in Jaspi Ultrastore is high density closed cell Polyurethane which is heat 'cooked' onto the surface of the tank in a giant mould.
This leaves no gaps for the heat to escape and the insulation will last for decades without losing its performance.

Multiple energy sources

Ultrastore has gone through vigorous testing with all modern heat sources and their combinations which can be seen in the amount of couplings and their locations.
Ultrastore can be connected up to four separate energy sources, for example Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Solar PV and Wood Burners. Naturally one of the heat sources can also be a traditional Oil or Gas burner which are often used as a back-up.

In addition, two separate heating circuits can also be connected, one for radiators and one for underfloor heating for example.

Indirect coils

Indirect coils are used to supply domestic hot water from the thermal store. They can also be used to connect to the external heat sources like Solar thermal or smaller wood burners with a back boiler.

Ultrastore is fitted with three indirect coils as standard.
Two of these coils are 22mm with a power of 63kW each. They are often connected in a series where the lower coil is a pre-heating coil and the top coil the main domestic hot water coil. By connecting them this way, the tank can provide a much larger amount of hot water before cooling down.

The third and the lowest coil is for Solar thermal or smaller wood burners. Often it is necessary to connect the wood burner to the thermal store indirectly as the wood burner circuit needs to stay open vented whilst the main thermal store, including radiators, is pressurised.
Ultrastore makes this type of installation easy, safe and affordable.

Installation Pack

Our installation packs include all the blank plugs in brass or iron, air vent, drain plug and pressure relief valves for the store & domestic hot water.

Ultrastore connected to a Heat Pump, DHW & Radiators

Product details

Water capacity litres 500
DHW coils (Copper) 2 x 22mm (63kW)
Solar coil (Copper) 1 x 18mm (35kW)
Height mm 1821
Width mm 667
Depth mm 675
R½" 4
R1" 9
R2" 3
Weight kg 180
Design pressure bar 3.0
Design Temp °C 100
Feet Yes, adjustable
Material Carbon Steel
"Leak Detect" couplings Yes
Baffle plates 1

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Immersion heaters

Ultrastore 500 accumulator can be equipped with up to three immersion heaters. These heaters are used for heating back-up, heat dump from the solar PV panels / wind turbines or frost protection.

Our immersion heaters have 3 heating elements each, for example the 3kW version has three 1kW elements.
They also have an adjustable thermostat, main switch, heating indicator and overheating protection.

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All of our large products like the thermal stores and boilers are delivered directly from the factory to the customers.
Most of them will also need a forklift or similar for unloading.
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