Thermal store accessories

Thermal store accessories to finish off the installation


Immersion heaters, couplings & coils



Thermal stores additional coils Power @ 80°C 5-50°C Flow rate per minute
DHW 22mm Stainless Steel (Flanged) 78kW 25L
Solar 22mm Copper 63kW 20L


Thermal store accessories Size
R2 2" Plug 50mm 2"
R2 2" Reducer 50mm to 1" 2" to 1"
R11/4" Plug 32mm 11/4"
R11/4" to 1" Reducer 11/4" to 1"
R1" Plug 25mm 1"
R¾ Plug 20mm ¾"
2.5 Bar Pressure Relief Valve 1/2"
7 Bar pressure Relief Valve 1/2"
22mm to 18mm Compression Reducer 22-18mm
Combined Pressure and Temperature Gauge   0-4bar   0-120°C 1/2" pocket
Thermostat Pocket 1/2" 80mm (wide version for two or more sensors)  
Jaspi TSK/STS Anti-boiling Valve 97°C 3/4"
Auto Air Vent 15mm
Thermostatic Mixing Valve TMV-2/3 22mm


Immersion Heaters Power + Phase
J-3 GB/FR, 25-85°C   2" Coupling 3kW 1 ~
J-4 GB/FR, 25-85°C   2" Coupling 4.5 kW 1 ~
J-6 GB/FR, 25-85°C   2" Coupling 6kW 1~
All above immersion heaters are also available in three phase versions

Additional Coils, Couplings & accessories

Immersion heaters

All of our thermal stores can be equipped with immersion heaters. These heaters are used for heating back-up, heat dump from the solar PV panels / wind turbines or frost protection.

Our immersion heaters have 3 heating elements each, for example the 3kW version has three 1kW elements. This greatly improves the heater reliability and flexibility.
They also have an adjustable thermostat, main switch, heating indicator and overheating protection.

Download immersion heater instructions



All of our large products like the thermal stores and boilers are delivered directly from the factory to the customers.
Most of them will also need a forklift or similar for unloading.
More information can be found from here:

How to purchase

All our standard products can be ordered through this website. Please find out how to order by following this link:


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