Jaspi GTV 700

Classy and efficient, the GTV 700 is suitable for new applications as well as heating system renovations for expanding water space and storing energy.
Jaspi GTV thermal tanks feature thick, high efficiency polyurethane insulation minimizing the ambient heat loss


Jaspi GTV 700 Thermal Store


GTV was originally developed as a buffer tank for wood and pellet boilers. Due to the arrival of the heat pump technology and increasingly popular solar heating, it has been upgraded with more external connections and the GTV700 has upper and lower tank thermometers for easy temperature monitoring.

Often when space is limited, GTV tanks are connected in a series only one of which have hot water and solar coils. This way the system can have more volume than one tank alone and the positioning is more flexible.

By linking tanks together it is easy to upgrade the thermal storage system when more volume is needed or the dwelling is extended.

GTV 700 can have up to three coils for heating, hot water or solar use.

All the models can be equipped with back-up immersion heater(s) from 3 to 6kW.

Product details
GTV 700

Model GTV 700 GTV 700KK
Capacity litres 700 700
Size HxWxD mm 2000x
Max. indirect Coils 3 3
Coils as standard 1 2
Empty weight kg 230 240
Max. Coil pressure 10 bar 10 bar
Design Tank pressure 1.5 bar 1.5 bar
Max. number of Immersions 2 2

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Coil information

Coils used in GTV 700 are 22mm / 63kw Copper.
All the coils are flange fitted so they can be easily changed or added at any point.



All of our large products like the thermal stores and boilers are delivered directly from the factory to the customers.
Most of them will also need a forklift or similar for unloading.
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