Jaspi Elegant 270S Direct & Indirect

Elegant series Stainless steel unvented hot water cylinders offer unrivalled ease of installation and clean, modern appearance.
First  of it's kind, modular design allows the cylinder to be fitted in full sight anywhere in the house with no visible pipework.


Direct and Indirect Unvented Water Heaters
Elegant 270S


The first in its class, modular domestic hot water cylinder the 'Elegant' is one of the most energy efficient stainless steel cylinders on the market.

Elegant series Stainless steel unvented hot water cylinders offer unrivalled ease of installation and clean, modern appearance. First of it's kind, modular design allows the cylinder to be fitted if full sight anywhere in the house. All the cables and pipework are hidden inside and behind the unit so it can be placed close to the consumption for example in the kitchen, without need to hide the cylinder in a cupboard.

With it's chamfered corners and front / side accessible installation hatch, Elegant sits comfortably next to your fridge or kitchen units.

Elegant direct and indirect cylinders are made from extremely strong Grade AISI444 Stainless steel, specifically manufactured for water cylinder use. AISI44 offers longer service life compared to Duplex Stainless Steel and is used in all our hot water cylinders. Indirect models have a Stainless steel high-efficiency coil which provides ultra long service life. The Stainless Steel indirect coil and 3 kW Incolloy alloy immersion heater gives years of trouble free service and they are especially recommended to be used in hard water areas.

Elegant cylinders come with a five- year cylinder guarantee and two- year guarantee for other parts.


Elegant Details

1. Detachable front cover
2. Detachable side cover
3. Top cover
4. Hot water outlet
5. Cold water inlet
6. Balanced cold water out
7. Immersion Tank
8. Expansion vessel 35L
9. Immersion heater 3 kW
10. Lower tundish
11. Upper tundish
12. Temperature & Pressure relief valve
13. RWC Multiblock valve assembly
14. Pressure relief valve
15. Pressure reducer valve
16. Drain cock
17. Control panel
18. Heat adjustment thermostat
19. Main switch
20. Heat adjustment thermostat (indirect models)
21. Temperature limiter, electric heater element
22. Temperature limiter (indirect models)
23. Heating coil (indirect models)

*Indirect models are delivered with a 2-port 22mm motorised valve.



Installation is extremely straightforward with ready connected pressure reducing valve, expansion vessel,  T & P valve and Tundish. All the installation is done in the space underneath the tank with removable front and side panels. Dedicated pipe channels behind the cylinder allows it to be pushed completely against the wall. The child proof removable front cover also offers protection to the electrical components and pipework.

As the pipework is inside the unit, heat losses are kept to the minimum making Elegant one of the most energy efficient cylinders on the market. Elegant cylinders provide full compliance with the code for the sustainable design & construction of new homes as well as building regulations.

All our water heaters use environmentally friendly Freon free insulation. The insulation is moulded around the tank in high pressure and temperature, giving extremely efficient thermal insulation with no gaps or cold spots. With their easy installation, straightforward positioning and extremely long service life, Elegant unvented cylinders offer real savings in installation time and unrivalled quality and reliability for the end user.

Product details
Elegant 270S

Model Direct indirect
Height mm 1996 1996
Width mm 597 597
Depth mm 598 598
Coils as standard N/A 1
Empty weight kg 96 99
Max. Coil pressure N/A 10 bar
Max. Tank pressure 10 bar 10 bar
Volume (ltr) 265 260
Immersion kW 3.3 3.3
Mass kg
fully loaded
362 364
Running pressure 3.5 3.5
PRV release pressure Bar 6 6
T&P valve relief pressure 7 7
Hot water draw @ 42°C (tank 65°C) ltr 440 435
Heat up time 13-60°C (minute) 325 60
Re-heat time (minute) 235 40

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Stainless Steel coil (indirect models)

Elegant 270s Indirect & Direct



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