Jaspi Eco Multi Energy Boilers

Highly regarded by the installers as the most reliable and longest lasting Oil / Gas boilers on the market.
Eco Lux multi energy boilers can be powered by Oil, Gas, Biofuels, Solar thermal, Mains electricity, Solar PV, Wind- and Hydro turbines.


Jaspi Eco 17 & 30 Lux and Eco 17 Lux T Boilers


Oil and gas heating are still one of the most user friendly methods of heating your home.

The downside is that standard boilers do not allow other forms of heat to be used and do not provide any back-up if something goes wrong or oil runs out.

Our 50 year experience is evident in our range of Eco 17 and 30 boilers. Not only are they highly efficient oil  boilers but they also be used with gas and bio oil burners. This gives the user the freedom to change the type of fuel by changing only the burner, not the whole boiler or plumbing.

Jaspi Eco 17 and 30 boilers have a built-in electrical immersion back-up providing further reassurance in the case of oil running out or the burner not working. The domestic hot water is produced in an efficient copper coil heat exchanger.

Heating is connected to the boiler's 4-way mixing valve with manual control. This valve can  also be equipped with several types of automatic flow controllers. The controller will add constant flow, weather or indoor compensation and can reduce boiler's fuel consumption up to 40%.

For houses with both, radiator and underfloor heating circuits, Eco boilers can be equipped with a second mixing valve which allows two independent heating flows. This makes the boiler compliant with the new building regulations and the compulsory dual circuit design without external motorised valves.

Jaspi Eco boilers have a larger than normal water capacity of 180 and 225 Litres which allows the boiler to have an optional second coil for a direct connection to the solar thermal panels. 

Jaspi Eco boilers are made of high quality and durable steel making them heavier, stronger and longer lasting than any other similarly powered boiler on the market.

Jaspi Eco 17 & 30 Lux

 With its high efficiency the Jaspi Eco Lux boiler ensures reliable, safe and long-time operation over decades, saves valuable fuel and minimizes emissions. Jaspi Eco Lux range is highly appreciated by the installers and users as the most reliable boiler on the market.

The Jaspi Eco Lux is a compact size but has a large thermal water capacity. It is easy and cost-effective to install and maintain. Efficient domestic hot water coil is double the thickness of the standard coils, again designed for performance and long life. Eco 17 & 30 Lux boilers together with new generation burners reduce the environmental load compared to older boilers.

Jaspi Eco 17and 30 Lux boilers are supplied with ready-connected flange-mounted 6 kW electric immersion heater , control panel and burner thermostat .

Control panel gauges allow an easy monitoring of boiler pressure, water and flue gas temperatures.

These boilers are very easy to install and operate and can be cleaned from the front. Once installed, no access to the sides or rear is needed.

Jaspi Eco 17 Lux - T
With top mounted Flue Connection 

The Eco Lux 17T has the same power output as the standard Eco 17 but is equipped with a top flue connection instead of the standard rear flue.

Precision laser cutting and robot welding ensure a highest quality boilers designed and proven to last for decades.

The boiler has a thick 75mm mineral wool insulation and large 180L thermal water reservoir which minimises the heat loss and reduces the number of burner firing.

The 4-way mixing valve is designed to reuse the residual heat coming back from the heating circuit, bypassing the boiler altogether. This preserves the energy in the boiler, again increasing the efficiency.

Side by side with other boilers on the market, Jaspi Eco 17T is in a class of it's own. Jaspi Eco Lux 17T is designed and manufactured for high efficiency, low emissions and very long trouble free service.


Jaspi Eco 30 with heat pump and solar connections


Product details
Jaspi Eco Lux 17 and 30

Eco Lux 17 Eco Lux 30
Power range kW 17 - 27 26 - 47
Immersion back-up 6kW 6kW
Water capacity Ltr 180 225
Weight Kg (empty) 225 260
Design temperature 100°C 100°C
Design pressure 1.5 bar 1.5 bar
DHW coil 22mm 22mm
DHW capacity @85°C 330 Ltr 460 Ltr
Heating mixing valve 22mm 1"
Flue connection mm 102 115
Height mm 1360 1540
Width mm 600 600
Depth mm 675 720

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More information
All Eco boilers are delivered with a Riello 40B oil burner, which is factory adjusted to 26kW. This burner can also be changed to Gas / LPG burner for additional cost.

The available power outputs from the oil burner can be found in the table below;

Riello 40B G3B power options

Additional mixing valve
Complete assembly to add a 2nd heating circuit

This valve is fitted onto the top of the boiler and can be used to feed a second heating circuit which can be for example underfloor heating or an annex.
As the main heating mixing valve already fitted onto the boiler, the second mixing valve can have its own heating flow controller. This means that the boiler can supply two different flow temperatures, higher for radiators and lower for underfloor heating.

Second mixing valve instructions






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Most of them will also need a forklift or similar for unloading.
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