Jaspi Oval 1000,1200,1500,1800 & 2400 litres

Jaspi Oval thermal stores are highly efficient with narrow design and excellent connectivity.
Design and location of the connections ensure efficient thermal layering and easy installation, our best selling thermal tank.


Jaspi Oval Narrow Access Thermal Storage Tanks


Oval 1500 / 1800 showing the included standard coils and the reservation for the solar coil.

Oval thermal storage tanks are designed to maximise the store size with the smallest footprint possible. These thermal stores are only 780 mm wide so they fit through most doors and reserve less space than an equivalent round cylinder. The narrow footprint makes them ideal for heating system renovations where the old boiler room needs to accommodate a new thermal store.

Despite the narrow design, Oval thermal stores have a thick high-density closed cell polyurethane insulation and a steel outer sheeting for truly impressive thermal qualities. The insulation is heat-fixed onto the steel surface of the store eliminating the air gaps where the heat could leak out.

Oval can be connected up to 6 separate heat sources and has up to 3 indirect coils for hot water, heat pumps or solar. In district heating applications, up to 4 separate heating circuits can be supplied from a single tank making the installation easier, cheaper and more flexible than any other thermal storage tank on the market.

 As all the connections are on the front and top of the unit, Oval can be placed against the wall or to confined spaces. This gives an advantage over round tanks which need much more room for the same store volume.
All the couplings are on the surface of the tank making the installation work fast and secure.

Product details
Oval 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 & 2400 Litres

Model Capacity litres Size H x W x D mm Coils as standard Empty weight Kg Price excl. VAT
1.0EPKK 1000 1720 x 1230 x 780 2 270 £1694
1.2EPKK 1200 2020 x 1230 x 780 2 305 £1794
1.5EPKK 1500 1720 x 1770 x 780 2 365 £1951
1.8EPKK 1800 2020 x 1770 x 780 2 410 £2035
2.4EPKK 2400 2020 x 2310 x 780 2 525 £2434

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Indirect coils

Oval tanks are supplied with 22mm top and middle coils as standard. These coils are 6.5 Metre long coiled copper with a power rating of 78kW each.

An additional solar can also be fitted to the lowest part of the store. It is normally fitted at the factory but can also be fitted later on.
Retrofitting this coil requires the lower DHW coil to be removed to gain the access to the solar coil couplings. In the picture the solar coil blanking plate can be seen below the lower DHW coil.

Immersion heaters

Oval thermal stores can be equipped with up to six immersion heaters. These heaters are used for heating back-up, heat dump from the solar PV panels / wind turbines or frost protection.

Our immersion heaters have 3 heating elements each, for example the 3kW version has three 1kW elements. This greatly improves the heater reliability and flexibility.
They also have an adjustable thermostat, main switch, heating indicator and overheating protection.

Download immersion heater instructions

Installation packs

Our installation packs include all the blank plugs in brass or iron, air vent, drain plug and pressure relief valves  for the store & domestic hot water.




All of our large products like the thermal stores and boilers are delivered directly from the factory to the customers.
Most of them will also need a forklift or similar for unloading.
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